Work & Skills


I do media things. Sometimes it’s production work, sometimes it’s journalism, and sometimes it’s … other stuff.

Currently, I work at – part of the Irish Examiner group of companies – where I do a mix of digital production, reporting, and writing internet-friendly entertainment content.

Some cool things I’ve done in my working life include:

• Working on RTÉ’s first major social media news project during the 2011 general election.

• Spending a year in social media marketing, creating strategies for some big national clients.

• Writing for diaspora start-up WorldIrish (since sold on), writing about diaspora and emigration issues.

Some handy skills I have:

I can write HTML and CSS and build websites from scratch. Yes, this site is WordPress, because I’m not a web developer for a living, but I’ve previously gone from Photoshop template to full ExpressionEngine site, step-by-step, to teach myself the process.

• I have pretty decent Photoshop and design skills. I can blend, edit, enhance, composite, and I’ve an opinion on typefaces, kerning, and leading. I’m also one of the few digital writers who seem to care about the difference between a hyphen and a dash.

• Photography. Go check out my Flickr profile. Basic video and audio, too.

In the meantime, I suppose you can find me on LinkedIn, though it’s my least favourite network.