Primary database now not compulsory, but they’ll pull school funding

Quick update to my previous post on the Primary Online Database:

Simon McGarr tweeted this photo yesterday of a letter from the Department of Education secretary saying that – despite all the documentation to the contrary – it is not compulsory to register your child on the database.

However, if you refuse, the school will lose funding for that child because they won’t be registered for grant purposes.

If you do not consent to your child’s data being entered on POD, then you should inform our school in writing that you do not wish to have your child’s data entered on POD.

However … this may have funding and teacher allocation issues for your school going forward.

Essentially, the department will punish schools for any parent who doesn’t comply.

This also makes very little sense given the existing training material which makes clear to schools they must input every child, using the mother’s maiden name if PPS numbers are not provided, and that (some) schools have already input the information if they have it.

Another indication, I feel, that this project hasn’t been fully thought through.

Another good read on the topic – it seems that students will be able to request removal – but only when they turn 18 and are adults, and it may be refused.

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